Dixon Wind

Krank Golf’s long drive team, the winners of the 2010 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship, has endorsed the Dixon Wind golf ball as the longest golf ball they have hit.
• One Dozen Balls
• Extreme-Distance
• 428 Monster™ dimple pattern for ultimate distance and accuracy
• Resilient Eco-cover™ for maximum durability and spin control
• Densified precast green core™ generates extra recoil for even greater distance

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“I chose the Wind ball first and foremost because of its performance. I’m excited to be doing my part for the environment, but performance and playability are what counts. I’ve found the Wind ball to be longer off the tee than any other ball I’ve played…and that’s great, because that’s my business!” – Sean “The Beast” Fister, Three Time World Long Drive Champion


The Dixon Wind golf ball can be used by golfers of all different swing speeds. Because the Dixon Wind golf ball has a firm cover, it allows the golfer with slower swing speeds to experience extra length off the drive, and with their irons.



The Dixon Wind golf ball is designed for golfers with a handicap of 20 +. Because the Dixon Wind golf ball has a firm cover, it is more durable, and results in longer, straighter drives as well.


The Dixon Wind golf ball has medium level trajectory which is suitable for most golfers.

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